Hello, dear players! I am glad to welcome you on my site.

Let me tell you a little about myself and the reasons, why I made this site.

My name is Harry, I am a lawyer by education, but I earning money for my life by gambling since 2006. When I lived in Ukraine, I gambled mostly in offline casinos, slot machines and roulette.

I know everything, that is possible to know, about slot machines, because a professional gamble is, first of all, a mathematic, and a bit of luck.

But with the transfer of the Republic of Crimea to the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation, in which both ordinary offline and online casinos are prohibited by law, I moved to the US in the city of San Francisco. At the stage of moving, I started gambling online at online casinos, thinking that they would become a full-fledged replacement for regular offline casinos. But almost immediately I began to lose. This fact made me start researching the online casino market, I couldn’t use my experience of a regular offline gamble.

In fact, it turned out that the online casino market is simply teeming with fraudsters and one-off «hundred dollar» sites, the purpose of which is to deceive the player. A lot of clones of well-known licensed sites.

For three years I spent a lot of work, played in many casinos and, frankly, spent a lot of money.

But I actually had no choice, because the game is my profession, and I like both — the process and the win.

Choosing profitable casinos from thousands is not easy, although the process of operating the same slots is very simple — the casino administrator simply adjusts the return percentage of the machine, and can do it during your game, watching the process in real time. I consider such “spin-ups” to be dishonest, because with manual regulation of the game, the administrator simply does not allow the player to win a lot of money.

Therefore, I chose casinos according to the following criteria:

  1. The number of really won and paid players big winnings (jackpot). In a casino, where you can not break the bank to play is not interesting and useless
  2. The percentage of returns online roulette and machines. Naturally, you can not get the exact numbers, nobody tell it to you. This information I received in practice, during the game.
  3. License. Licensing online casinos is a requirement of the law of many countries, but for the player this criterion is not essential, although it is important. Having a casino license, and, therefore, submission of casino activities to licensing rules and regulations is only a positive criterion for the player. This means that the casino has come to the market not for “one day”, is ready to invest its money and is counting on its place in the gambling market.
  4. Terms of withdrawal winnings. An important factor, especially when it comes to large sums.
  5. Reaction support service. Understandably, that high-quality and timely support services are extremely important for a successful game, especially for professional players.

The beauty of the site, the design, the location of the machines and slots, and other minor things I do not take into my note, because they absolutely do not affect the quality of the game.

If I ever think about opening my online casino, there will be a couple of types of roulette, poker, and no more than twenty slot machines. For professional and high-quality gamble for the sake of winning more is not needed, the technical characteristics of the casino are more important, and not the «wrapper» or the number of machines.

At the beginning of my researching of online casinos, I turned to the same Internet and found many informational sites, like mine, but with one main fundamental difference. These sites had reviews and information about hundreds of casinos, and all these hundreds and thousands of casinos were “excellent”! It became understandable to me that the authors of such sites are not players and have never gambled at those casinos that offer me on their sites. Many of these casinos, which they praise, turned out to be either non-working or cheating on their players.

You can not play hundreds of casinos and win!

You need to find «your» option — one, maximum two casinos, which you can researching well and start playing and winning.

Once again! You can win at one casino, which you have chosen, you need to gamble it carefully, in two or three slot machines. During the losses, at the initial stage, it is necessary to learn the features of a slot machine or roulette, how and with what frequency the slot gives winnings and in what amount. It is better to record the stages in which the machine produces large combinations of pictures. Automat is math. I will give my advice to novice players if they ask for it.

On our website, we also consider standard casino “cheat” options for the sake of winning. Comment on how these schemes work, did you win and how much money?

So I made this site for players. I did not spend money on design or other things regarding the quality of the site and graphics.

The main purpose of this site is informative, transfer of experience to novice players, the opportunity for players to share experiences, including losses. If you want to win on a system basis, you first need to learn how to play! Iron control and self-discipline should come first. No rash risks, no «even bet»!

    • As soon as you double your bet, leave the casino.
    • As soon as you lose your daily bet, turn off the computer and better drink a glass of whiskey. Never bet again if you have already lost that day.
    • Do not play two or three days after a big win, give your karma a rest and recover, and money — rest in bed. And never leave a big win on a casino account, be sure to get a cash prize to your account.

On my website I posted only high-quality casinos and reviews of these casinos

All of them have proven themselves in the game, most of them are licensed.

They are different in design, from different countries, but they all share the quality and excellent attitude towards the players.

I gambled at these casinos personally, my friends gamble them. We can vouch for their honesty and decency. If you have any questions and problems with these casinos, you can write to us, we will contact the owners of these casinos and if they are wrong, the issue will be resolved in favor of the player. In these casinos you can win big, you can gamble them systematically, professionally.

I hope that my experience and my site will be useful for you. You can ask me questions, I will answer each. You can leave your comments and impressions on the pages of the site, under the casino reviews or on the forum.

Play wisely!